Getting savings with the cannabis delivery services

The marijuana delivery service near myself and others is open 7 afternoons a week; then the delivery service offers the same afternoon delivery… However, you can save 20% on your whole order if you order for next afternoon delivery services.

  • The first time that I ordered from the marijuana delivery service, I decided to have the items delivered on the same afternoon; I purchased multiple weird types of cannabis concentrate along with some flower buds, edibles, and tinctures.

The items were delivered about 3 hours after I created the order, but honestly, I thought the delivery service was going to be a lot faster than that. There isn’t any reason for myself and others to order same-day delivery if it’s not going to be fast love pizza. The next time I ordered delivery, I decided to choose the next afternoon opportunity so I could save 20% on my whole order. I stocked up on all of the cannabis concentrates. I purchased two types of shatter, one was a sativa called Blue Dream and the other was a hybrid called Girl Scout Cookies. I also got new varieties like OG kush, papaya, and redberry muffin live resin. I chose the time frame between 10:00 and 12:00 in the afternoon. The next afternoon I acquired a iphone call at 8:00 in the afternoon and the delivery driver was very kind and friendly, however she was getting ready to leave the shop and she told myself and others that she could come early if I wanted, otherwise she would be there between 10:00 and 12:00 as promised. I thought it was nice to offer earlier delivery services.



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