I baked the fish with the cannabutter lemon sauce

My friend gave me some cannabutter that he made with a machine.

I got a whole cup of cannabutter and I didn’t know what I was going to make with it.

It was a very dark green color and clearly rich with THC and marijuana flavor. I tried some of the cannabutter on a piece of toast and I melted it down in a sauce. I found that the best way to have the cannabutter so far is with fish. I made a piece of baked salmon a couple of nights ago and I decided to put some of the cannabis infused butter in the lemon sauce that I drizzled over the salmon. I also baked each piece of fish with a small amount of the cannabis infused butter. I made some herbed rice to go with the salmon and a few Spears of asparagus as well. My roommate was surprised when I told him that the fish had cannabis butter in the lemon sauce. The cannabis butter complemented the taste of the fish and added a certain type of earthiness that was very flavorful. I’ve come up with a lot of different ways to use the cannabis infused butter. I’ve made cookies, brownies, cakes, and even a chocolate silk pie. I use the cannabis infused butter on a porterhouse steak and on a grilled chicken. Still, I think that the absolute best way to have the cannabis butter is over the piece of fish in a lemon sauce. If you haven’t tried cannabis in your main surf and turf dishes at home, I would suggest grabbing a cookbook, a stick of cannabutter, and your imagination.

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