The flavor of the edibles was absolutely powerful

Decided to try making marijuana edibles at home. I did not guess if it was going to be straight-forward or not, even though I absolutely wanted to make something at home. I bought a 1000 mg vial of marijuana oil. The marijuana distillate oil is already decarboxylated. That means that you do not have to heat it up in order for the THC to have effects. Most marijuana products have to be heated up or decarboxylated in order for the THC to have any effect. That’s why most marijuana is smoked or vaped at a low temperature. Marijuana distillate is one of the easiest products to use for making edibles. I also went to the store and I bought a mixture in the baking department that is just for making gummy edibles. The making department doesn’t suggest that you use it for marijuana, but they do not say you can’t either. I bought the tote of gelatin for making yummy edibles like bears, worms, and creepy crawlers and I also bought a silicone mold. I also purchased a 3 pack of flavorings for the edibles. I bought a watermelon, watermelon, and grape pack. The first batch of edibles that I made was a superb flavored batch and each one of the marijuana edibles turned out to be 30 mg. The flavor of the edibles was absolutely strong, but so was the amount of marijuana inside of each one. When I provided them to our friends, I told them to be careful because they were much stronger than the gummies in the store.



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