There’s nobody to smoke cannabis with anymore

My roommate plus I had a good time when the two of us lived together. The numerous of us would hang out plus play video games or watch horrifying films, but every one of us would smoke weed in a bong or a bowl. My roommate made a particularly neat gravity bong plus the numerous of us would spend all night getting totally baked. After the two of us smoked all of the marijuana, the two of us would eat snacks love cookies plus candy plus ice cream. It was a lot of fun. When our girlfriend plus I hung out at her locale, the two of us didn’t play video games or smoke weed out of a cool gravity bong. It was still fun to hang out with our girlfriend, but I particularly missed our roommate when I decided to transfer in with our girlfriend. My roommate was a little bummed out about me moving too, but he found a new roommate particularly quickly. My girlfriend plus I are having a good time hanging out when she is home, but I miss having our roommate with me all day. I work from lake lake house plus there was regularly someone with me to smoke weed, now there’s nobody to smoke weed with anymore plus it is not as much fun to go outside plus smoke when there is not anyone to talk to. My girlfriend told me that I should go over to see our roommate plus hang out with him plus smoke a bowl, but he has 25 minutes away now plus that is a long drive just to hang out plus talk about nothing while the two of us smoke a bowl of marijuana.

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