Is it easier to go to the cannabis dispensary?

I was listening to a neighbor of mine who told myself and others that going to the cannabis dispensary was much cheaper than having cannabis delivery, but i thought she was crazy, then how would it be cheaper to drive ten miles to the dispensary, plus back home, than to have a cannabis delivery done? Even if I paid several dollars for the cannabis delivery fee, it would still be cheaper, however at the price of gas, that $5 would barely cover our gas fee, plus I regularly got what I wanted.

I could finish condo cleaning, or take a shower while waiting for the cannabis delivery driving.

I would often have small sample packets of gummies included in our package, one time, I had a chocolate bar that was cannabis infused, there was nothing that was going to stop myself and others from using the cannabis delivery service… Last week, that neighbor came to the house. I told him I was expecting a cannabis delivery in about an minute plus asked if she wanted to join myself and others for lunch. She rolled her eyes plus told myself and others I was wasting our time plus money. I told him I didn’t assume so, however when the doorbell rang, I stood at the door plus watched the cannabis delivery driver as she went to her car; She turned plus waved. My neighbor slapped myself and others on the back plus told myself and others that the view was worth it, if that was the same lady who did all of our cannabis deliveries. I just smiled. I then showed him the free package of marijuana lollipops that came with our order.

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