Went crazy during my visit

I took a trip, plus my pal Ronnie was so far away that I had to fly.

I honestly hate flying on a plane, but in this case there was no other way to get to his place.

There are many valid reasons to hate flying and airports, from the long lines, invasive searches, and high prices to the horrible way people act while they are in the airport. Also, you can’t bring booze or weed with you. I would much prefer driving, but as I said, that wasn’t possible this time. I made sure my pal had a good supply of cannabis and whiskey for me at his house. Ronnie tried his best, but his proposal of a good supply of cannabis is not up to my standard. I usually have at least 3 different kinds of cannabis on hand at any one time, because I smoke a lot of it plus I love the variety. I thanked him for his gifts, plus then got on my iPhone to find the closest cannabis dispensary with delivery. I actually didn’t want to leave again after so much travel, so I got the cannabis delivered to his home. They had a special on Purple Haze, which I have not smoked in a long time, so I got some of that, as well as a homegrown Indica strain. I finished off my order with some edibles, plus then went back to hanging out with my buddy Ronnie. It took 3 hours for my delivery to arrive, plus in that time I smoked the entire supply of cannabis Ronnie had picked up for my visit.

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