The software keeps track of things

One of our jobs at the marijuana dispensary has to keep track of all sales as well as inventory.

We have more than a thoUnited Statesnd unusual marijuana tinctures, edibles, flower, as well as concentrates available on any unusual morning.

As employer, I have to order new marijuana products each week, however if we run out of products that our customers prefer, then we will lose their company to another competitor, but there are several local marijuana dispensaries that offer the same deals, savings, as well as products. We have customers that are local as well as we make sure to rotate deals everyday to attract as several customers as possible, then one of the things that I adore about this certain marijuana dispensary is the inventory software. The software helps me keep track of all sales as well as inventory, then every time a product is purchased, the inventory is automatically upgraded in the system. We keep all of our inventory in the back of the store. If a buyer orders online, we cannot see the items until we physically view the order inside of the dispensary. The software keeps track of purchases as well as automatically upgrades online when something is out of stock. Even if a buyer is in the middle of a purchase, there will still be an alert that the item is now out of stock as well as the buyer will be prompted to make another selection. We are 1 of the only marijuana dispensaries in the section that have live upgrade trackers on all of our products. The inventory that a buyer sees online is directly what the inventory is inside of our store.


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