Managing my Parkinson’s symptoms with medical cannabis

I knew Parkinson’s syndrome was in my family.

But of course, I was hoping that I would get passed over.

Yet, I wasn’t so lucky and started dealing with this condition in my late forties. The medications that I was initially on helped me with plenty of my symptoms. But with those medications, as with many others, there are side effects. It appears that I have a very sensitive system when it comes to pharmaceuticals. The side effects from the Parkinson’s medications ended up being so unpleasant that I didn’t want to take them. This is when I started to try a find a new alternative treatment. An alternative medicine consultant turned me on to some really good medical marijuana information. I learned that cannabis flower products can help with some of my symptoms. Of course, medical marijuana is not going to cure my condition nor is any other medication. But I was able to ingest the medical cannabis so much better than I was the prescription medicine. It has definitely helped me with spasm as well as range of motion. Now I can get a lot more into the essential exercises I need to do thanks to medical cannabis. But even more than just managing the symptoms of my condition, I’m getting an added medical marijuana benefit. Prior to treating cannabis flower products, I was resistant and unaccepting of my condition. Medical marijuana has helped me to lean into acceptance while doing the most I can do in order to have the best life possible.


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