Medical marijuana card was essential to managing restless leg syndrome

I had never heard anyone actually complain about restless leg syndrome.

There were those TV commercials but as with most commercials, I simply tuned them out. Still, before I started to learn about the medical marijuana benefits for restless leg syndrome, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I’m not the sort of person to turn to western medicine right away. I think western medicine certainly is important and has a place in our society but too often, I think we’re over medicated and not healing. I come from a more holistic approach when it comes to dealing with or managing health problems. I was very much a proponent of having medical marijuana legalized in our state. I even got out to help bring awareness and get people to vote for medical marijuana. So when I began to experience and was rudely awakened by a sensation in my leg, I knew I needed to learn more about it. Since medical cannabis has been beneficial for so many different conditions, that’s where I started. And sure enough, there was a whole section I found on medical marijuana benefits for restless leg syndrome. I figured out how to get my medical marijuana card so I could access the cannabis dispensary. The staff there got me just the cannabis flower products that would help my situation. Within a week of treating with cannabis products, I was no longer dealing with restless leg syndrome. I’m just so thankful that I turned to a natural product like cannabis flower products instead of synthetic medications. Not only am I now free of restless leg syndrome, I am free of prescription medications.


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