Able to get some sleep using cannabis products

I will never ever joke around about having insomnia again, because there was a time in our life where I thought it was just nuts that people were unable to sleep.

When I was younger and up until I was about thirty, I could fall asleep in hours when I went to bed; Before I found medical cannabis just recently, the last couple years have been sort of a blur, then and I mean that most identifiably! I just sort of dragged myself around for a couple years, but losing our ability to sleep was something that happened sort of gradually.

Initially, I had to toss and turn for an hour or longer before I would just get up and go watch TV. But ultimately, I would just fall asleep in the chair and that wasn’t that much sleep. It only got worse and I had to go to our doctor to get some help, but prior to using powerful cannabis products, I ended up taking the medications I got from our doctor. But those meds came with plenty of side effects that were hard to handle… For sure, those meds will put me to sleep but it was almost a sort of foggy sleep. In other words, I just could never genuinely sleep despite the fact that I also wasn’t genuinely awake. And so the following afternoon I would just drag myself around in a bit of a daze, but my buddy gave me some medical marijuana info which led me to figuring out how to get our medical marijuana card. Once I had started using sativa products, I genuinely started to relax in a much more natural way. Currently, I just have a bite off of cannabis gummies an hour before I go to bed. And by the time I slip in between the sheets, I’m super relaxed and I get an unbelievable night’s sleep.

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