Managing my back pain with medical cannabis

I consistently find it so ironic that our back problem genuinely is related to an old pigskin injury.

Just saying that out loud seems to be so hackneyed and trite.

But it’s the tolerable truth. And before I found medical marijuana, the old pigskin injury was taking a severe toll on our life. The injury itself wasn’t so bad when it first occurred. It’s not care about I had to go to the hospital or anything care about that. But my pals and I knew a lot less about how the body healed back then and I was cleared to get right back to full contact sports. Of course, that only exacerbated the issue and set the groundwork for our back to be a chronic situation. I dealt with it as I needed to with pain meds during our early adult years. But once I hit 40, I was in a situation where I could barely get up some afternoons to go to work. And adding more pain medication wasn’t going to help me to get through our afternoon coherently. This is when I took the advice of a buddy and started looking into the medical marijuana benefits as it related to back pain. I started reading some medical marijuana info and was pretty stunned by what it revealed. I had no idea that cannabis products have been used for 4 thousand years to manage all kinds of weird issues. Once I started treating with cannabis flower products, it didn’t take long at all before I got a better range of motion with our back. And this allowed me to do more of the exercises I needed to do to strengthen the back muscles. For sure cannabis products have made a tremendous difference in our life.

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