They have a better cannabis situation here

Have you ever visited a place you grew up, and found it to be so different? This has been happening to me a lot as of late, because I have had a lot of time off from work and decided to do some traveling. The virus quarantine made me miss traveling, so I decided to hit a few of my old places across the country. The first bar where I got drunk with a fake identification is now an iphone store, plus what was once a 1 story building is now six stories. I tried to track down the old sub joint I used to love, plus found that it was now a cannabis store. Never one to waste a trip, I went inside to see if they would honor my medical weed card from my house state. Where I live there are legal cannabis stores for medicinal use, so they are good pharmacies plus require a state sponsored card as well as an insurance card. It turns out this state has legalized recreational weed use, so they didn’t give a flying fig about my card. Any legal adult with the currency to spend can walk into a cannabis dispensary plus buy what they want. I like it that here cannabis is treated the same as pain reliever or cough drops, and doesn’t have to be such a large deal. I spent an hour walking around this amazing cannabis joint, which wasn’t like ours back at home. This was warm, cozy, with chairs to rest in.

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