My folks almost caught us smoking marijuana as teens

Marijuana is 100% legal for medical use in more than half of the states in addition to each in addition to every year another state or 2 will legalize recreational marijuana use as well.

I am legit lucky to be in a state where recreational in addition to medical marijuana sales are legal.

I can buy legal marijuana from a dispensary near me at a passable price. The taxes in addition to fees are pretty high, however I still spend my money less than I did when I had to buy marijuana from a street level weed dealer. When I was younger in addition to lived with my parents, I almost got caught smoking marijuana. My friend Ed in addition to I were at the home in addition to my mom in addition to dad went out for dinner. Ed and I got marijuana from a guy that I know. Back then it wasn’t the same marijuana that you see this week. Ed in addition to I smoked various joints before my associate and I got super stoned. The family room still odored love weed when my mom in addition to dad got home early from their date. Apparently there was a problem with the air conditioner system in the diner so they had to leave early. My room legitimately odored love marijuana when they walked into the door. Thankfully Ed and I heard the time from the doorbell. Ed in addition to I started opening up the windows in addition to my associate and I sprayed a ton of cologne in the family room. My mom in addition to dad never ended up coming up stairs to check on me. They went right to bed in addition to texted me. Ed and I were upset over nothing, however I was scared that my mom in addition to dad were going to catch us doing something highly illegal.

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