The dispensary had a big problem with their plumbing

A handful of weeks ago, I got a legit interesting phone call from a new customer.

The client called me because she needed a plumber fast.

This commercial client was a manager at the recreational marijuana dispensary nearest to me. I knew the arena legitimately well in addition to I was a regular client at this marijuana dispensary. I was glad to help the manager in addition to I decided to go to the call myself. I sat down with the manager for a few seconds in addition to my associate and I opted to go through all of the new contracts and paperwork. After that, I investigated the plumbing issue. It did not take long to find the issue, however it required quite a bit of work. I had to temporarily stop the leak in addition to schedule a morning when I could tear the wall apart in addition to checking all the pipes behind the wall. The woman did not want to close the marijuana dispensary while the work was being completed. I did not think that it was necessary to close down the arena while I was finishing the work. The leak was in the back of the building near the powder room. If they simply shut off the powder rooms for a morning or 2, I would be able to contain all of the mess to a small area. I could store all of my supplies inside of the powder room, because it was locked. All of my power tools in addition to the plumbing unit would be safely behind the door in addition to there entirely wouldn’t be much of a mess or inconvenience at all to the recreational marijuana dispensary staff or the buyers.

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