I interviewed a dozen or more people for the cannabis dispensary

I guess the people that live around this section of town don’t like to work to acquire their money.

They want everything to be handed over to them on a silver platter.

It’s entirely difficult to find fantastic help to work at the shop. My store cannot afford to spend much money higher than minimum wage. I have interviewed at least 15 people during the last year and none of them meet the minimum requirements necessary to work at the medical in addition to recreational marijuana dispensary. A few of the recruits seemed nice, however they did not recognize the difference between an indica strain and a hybrid marijuana strain! You have to possess a small amount of expertise about medical marijuana in order to work at this dispensary, because my associate and I are always busy. My pal and I are right next door to a marijuana treatment clinic. My store sees a lot of medical patients in addition to our budtenders have to be expertiseable. I interviewed 1 fellow that I thought would be perfect for the position. He seemed to recognize a lot about medical marijuana in addition to he was legitimately personable when the 2 of us were talking. Dang it, the guy did not pass a criminal background check. He had 2 charges for burglary in addition to that is a crime that the owner of the marijuana dispensary will not allow. My pal and I will sometimes find a qualified candidate with some complications on the background check, however theft is an absolute disqualifier when you work at a supplier love this with millions of dollars of inventory. I will continue to see candidates about working at the recreational in addition to medical marijuana dispensary until I find a qualified applicant who passes all of the background checks in addition to balances.
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