I started a discussion forum about cannabis prices

Maybe the economy is better where you live, but around here it’s a mess.

Unemployment is high, wages are low, and everyone seems to be scrambling just to survive another month.

I know it’s 100% true for me, because I am so broke these days I can barely afford weed. For this purpose I started a discussion forum for local people who want to share info on cannabis prices, sales, or discounts. This is all totally legal, we don’t discuss illegal transactions (at least, not on the main posting board), it’s just a way to share information to try and save money on cannabis. This area has over a dozen cannabis dispensaries, and it’s impossible to keep up with all of them. This is why a centralized hub for cannabis information is so valuable to us all. With so many cannabis dispensaries in one locale, there is a good chance that at least one of them has a sale or special deal happening. That said, very rarely are the sales as broad as “take 25% off all cannabis items.” More often that not there is one particular strain of cannabis with a reduced price, or a brand of cannabis gummies. Since every smoker has different tastes, very few of the cannabis sales apply to everyone, but all of them apply to at least one of us. I am partial to cannabis sativa blends and strains, so those are the sales I keep an eye out for. With our combined experience and brain power, we all manage to save a little money on cannabis every month.