Discount shopping at the cannabis dispensary

Over the last two years I have collected a series of tips and tricks for saving money on weed. The idea for this came during COVID, when I had a lot of extra time on my hands. Of course I was in quarantine for three months and couldn’t put this plan into action. Now that society has gotten back to some kind of normal, I am free to travel around and visit any dispensary in the state. Because we were one of the first states to legalize marijuana use, we have a lot of dispensaries. Sometimes I drive for two or three hours to find a new cannabis dispensary, because I have a trick up my sleeve. When I learned that cannabis dispensaries offer a one-time discount for new customers, I realized that every time I visited a new place I could save hundreds of dollars on marijuana. When I return to the same cannabis dispensary, I have to pay the regular prices. But that first time, I can score a fat discount anywhere from 25% to 50% of my total purchase. This is why I don’t mind driving a long distance to find a cannabis dispensary I’ve never visited before. I have a special Google Maps app on my phone that shows me every cannabis dispensary in the state, and allows me to cross them off after I visit. Eventually I will run out of new ones to visit, unless there are more new cannabis dispensaries that open in the meantime. Once I’ve visited them all, I’ll need to think of a new plan.
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