I miss smoking cannabis, but get by with the edibles

I am doing all of this for my daughter Violet.

  • Violet was a happy little accident, but was born prematurely with an underdeveloped respiratory system.

We knew from the outset that Violet was going to have trouble breathing. It was nothing that couldn’t be overcome with time, but we had to be very careful with her the first few years. My wife told me that we could never burn anything in the house again. No incense, no scented candles, no tobacco, and definitely no cannabis! That was the big one for me, because I could care less about incense, I only used that to cover up the smell of my cannabis smoke. I feel that the best possible way to enjoy cannabis is by smoking it, but for Violet I am willing to make another choice. Even though cannabis edibles contain the same amount of THC content as buds, the impact it has on me is remarkably different. That means that smoking marijuana gets me a lot higher, and makes me feel a lot better, than when I eat it. However, cannabis edibles have no smoke and leave no residue, so if I want to get high at home this is the only way to protect my daughter’s health. Even when I am at a friend’s house I have to be careful about cannabis, because the smoke particles cling to my skin and my clothes and I can transfer them to her. When she is a little older and not quite so delicate maybe I can get back into smoking cannabis, but for the time being it’s edibles only.

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