Unsafe alternatives to using the dependable cannabis dispensary

The prices at the cannabis dispensary are out of control. I wish I had enough disposable income to just buy what I wanted, but the economy is rough and I simply can’t do that. The old saying goes “you get what you pay for” and I believe this to be true. The products at the dispensary are top notch, and of the highest quality. They also demand the highest prices, which I can’t afford to pay anymore. The price of everything keeps going up, so I have to get creative to save money. There are several alternatives to shopping at the cannabis dispensary, but they are all illegal, and some of them are scary. My friend Benjy usually has a surplus of cannabis on hand, and doesn’t mind selling me a few grams. The downside with Benjy is that his marijuana is of the lowest quality, barely better than ditch weed, and it often reeks of bug repellent. I have the phone number for a local marijuana dealer named Jerome. The problem with Jerome is that he only sells by the ounce, and I usually can’t afford a full ounce of cannabis. Also I am aware that Jerome has done time in prison for drug trafficking before, and I don’t want to get busted by the cops trying to buy marijuana. Benjy and Jerome both have prices that are much lower than the cannabis dispensary, but both of them come with risks to my health and my freedom. I wish the cannabis dispensary would just lower their prices a little bit!


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