They made bongs

I used to be friends with a couple of potheads that made bongs. They were named Randy plus Bobby, plus they were both legitimately hardcore about engineering of bongs, and how it could be applied to improve the smoke and THC content you get when you rip a bong. They liked to build bongs and pipes, and while they started out legitimately simple, they became more and more complex over time. These were smart men, and smoking cannabis unlocked the creative side of their brian, which they used to build more astounding bongs. The weirdest thing to me was that they didn’t honestly like the quality of the cannabis they smoked. They would buy the cheapest ditch weed marijuana, because their focus was on the device, not the product. They were legitimately great with letting me use their bongs, but of course I always used my own cannabis. I have quality needs, and I don’t mean I have to have OG Kush or Blue Dream, I just mean I don’t want ditch weed filled with stems and seeds. These men smoked the worst weed, plus that stuff gives me a migraine, I would prefer not smoking marijuana over smoking low grade marijuana. That said, they taught me a lot about the physics of gravity bongs, plus hopefully I taught them a little about the pros of smoking better cannabis. One day I asked them if they could invent something to test the THC content of cannabis, plus they took that as a challenge.

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