My husband could finally sleep.

It took a long time for the legalization of medical marijuana.

Our state waited until half the country made medical marijuana legal before they followed lead.

My husband had been suffering from insomnia from the time I met him. The older he got, the harder it was for him to overcome loss of sleep. He was having a difficult time motivating himself, and I knew something had to be done. I called his doctor and told him what was going on. I had read a lot about medical marijuana and I knew there were some strains of marijuana that were able to help people get sleep. Now that medical marijuana was legalized in our state, I wanted to ask if our doctor could prescribe it for my husband. I was afraid that if he didn’t soon get some sleep, he was going to have a heart attack and collapse. When the doctor called back, he seemed a bit surprised. My husband had told him he was sleeping well with the melatonin he had prescribed. I explained how that had worked for about two weeks, but then the sleeping got worse. He tried the prescribed sleeping pills, but it wasn’t a restful sleep. He had horrible nightmares and he was constantly waking up. The doctor didn’t have the ability to write a prescription for medical marijuana, but he did send us to a therapist who could write the prescription. Within a week after getting his first filled medical marijuana prescription, he was rested and feeling like his old self. I just hope the medical marijuana continues working and not just for two or three weeks.


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