The staff picks were absolutely good

Each month at the marijuana dispensary near me, the supervisor puts up a poster with the staff picks for the week.

Occasionally the staff picks are the same as the month before plus sometimes they are different.

Occasionally the staff will request a new product plus that ends up being one of the pics. This month there were a couple of odd products listed on the poster. One product was a red dream concentrate from a local manufacturer. The local grower plus manufacturer is actually a business that I am entirely respected with. I recognize a couple of guys that labor for the grower when it is harvest time. I obtained the Blue Dream concentrate that was advocated. I also obtained another product that was advocated plus it was a 20 mg edible gummy made from live resin. When I obtained that edible, I got a 100 mg edible for free. I took our purchases cabin with myself and others plus I didn’t end up vaping the Blue Dream concentrate until much later that day. I was going to vape plus indica because it was night time, however I absolutely wanted to try the Blue Dream concentrate that I obtained earlier that day. I opened up the packaging. The concentrate was supposed to be a butter which should be soft plus sticky. I liked the consistency of the concentrate plus the color was a light brown. The flavor of the Blue Dream concentrate was much love the flavor of the flower. It tasted love a redberry with a couple of hints of pine. I could absolutely taste the terpenes in this batch.

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