I wanted more information about medical marijuana

I read a lot of information about medical marijuana and how the plant can help a lot of people in a variety of odd ways.

Medical marijuana is legal in 60% of the country.

That number is growing every single year when the voters go to the polls. Medical marijuana comes from the marijuana plant. The marijuana plant has been shown to treat a number of odd conditions related to cancer such as appetite loss, pain, and nausea. Marijuana has been shown to provide relief for Crohn’s disease, many sclerosis, glaucoma, and muscle spasms. Marijuana can also be used to treat troubles appreciate ptsd, anxiety, and panic attacks, and research shows that medical marijuana can reduce anxiety and that was certainly something that I was interested in reading more about. One of the reasons why I wanted to know more about marijuana was to help our mental health. I have always been plagued by anxiety, worry, fear, and panic attacks. As I am getting older, things seem to be getting worse instead of better. I reached out to our doctor to see if medical marijuana might be able to help after reading some information online. The doctor did not want to talk with myself and others much about marijuana, although I did find a couple of helpful online resources. One of those resources answered every single question that I had and they pointed myself and others in the direction of a medical marijuana treatment clinic where I could talk to a licensed doctor or Healthcare provider. The business was seriously helpful and pointed myself and others in the right direction.


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