Medical marijuana helps me in social situations

When I was a kid, I got into a lot of trouble at school.

All of my teachers thought I was trying to cause trouble, but I had ADHD.

I have a lot of social awkwardness because of the trouble that I had in school. When I got older, I had a lot of trouble in social situations. I talked to a doctor about things that could help me in these social situations. We talked about meditating before big meetings, but that did not help me out at work. One thing that does help me is medical marijuana. Medical marijuana can help a great deal in social situations. I usually have a couple of edibles before I have to interact with more than one person. Two 10 mg edibles make me feel very talkative and outgoing. I had a meeting with some investors a couple of months ago and I took two 10 mg edibles before I went to the meeting. I was still feeling a little anxious before the clients arrived so I had another 10 mg edible. I felt pretty good by the end of the meeting. Everything went well and I was more worried than I needed to be about the project. The investors were happy to sign on for the project and they wanted to give me even more money than I was asking for in donations. I got a promotion because of the investments that I received during that project and it is the reason why I am currently co chair on an advertising campaign worth 12 million dollars.



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