The doctor was smoking marijuana

I do not know if I would want my surgeon to smoke a joint before he performed open heart surgery on me, although I think that everyone should be able to enjoy marijuana.

I took my mom to the hospital a couple of weeks ago.

She was having a routine appointment so I said I would wait outside in the car for her. She was only in the hospital for an hour, but during that time I sat outside. I witnessed a couple of very weird and unusual things while I was waiting for our mom, one thing that I saw was a homeless guy rummaging through all of the garbage cans in the parking lot; He was clearly looking for recycling; The guy had a tote with cans and boxes and bottles inside, but another strange thing that I saw were two people making out in the backseat of a truck. It was really unusual to see two people going at it like college kids in the parking lot of the hospital. The last strange thing that I saw was a doctor outside smoking marijuana. I saw the car pull into the parking lot and go directly to the spot that is only for doctors. That’s why the car caught our attention in the first place. Nobody ever parks over there except the doctors. I saw the doctor get out of the car. He had something in his hand. He looked like he was smoking a joint. The doctor put the joint out on the ground and left it there. I was tempted to get out of the car to see if the remnants were really from a marijuana joint or not, however my mom came back out of the hospital and she was ready to go.


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