Cannabis helped me quit drinking

I can’t say this will work for other people, but for me smoking weed was instrumental to breaking my addiction to alcohol.

The most devilish thing about alcohol is that the addiction creeps up on you slowly, and by the time you realize you’re an alcoholic it’s too late.

When I tried to give it up and go “cold turkey” I got sick. Talking to the sponsors and therapists didn’t seem to help, either. It was a friend of mine named Mike who gave me the advice that saved me. Mike rolled up a joint of cannabis indica, handed it to me, and said “why don’t you substitute a dangerous habit with a medicinal one?” He explained how indica strains of cannabis had a calming effect, as opposed to sativa strains which heightened focus and creativity. Mike advised me to buy a large amount of indica, and whenever I got the urge to drink to start smoking. If I smoked enough indica I would just go to sleep, which would mean that I wasn’t drinking! Over the next few weeks I became a total pothead, smoking cannabis from when I woke up until I went back to sleep. I won’t say it was easy, because the effects of cannabis are nothing like the effects of alcohol. But I will say that it helped! My new vice of smoking cannabis eclipsed my old vice of getting drunk. And since cannabis is not addictive or habit-forming at all, eventually I will be able to taper off my smoking with no ill effects.
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