I visit the cannabis dispensary every weekend

I have a entirely stressful job, so I consider our weekends to be therapy.

Without a nice, great weekend I can barely make it through an entire work week.

Sometimes I will get asked to pick up extra shifts over the weekends, but I always turn them down. I need a couple of days to do nothing but relax & rest, to recharge our batteries for the month to come, normally our weekend starts with a trip downtown. I will buy some supper, maybe have a couple of cocktails, & then head down the street to the cannabis dispensary. I rarely smoke marijuana during the week, but over the weekends it’s mandatory! When it comes time to relax & let go of our stress, there is nothing better than an indica cannabis strain. I care about the power of cannabis sativa, which can bring better focus & higher levels of creativity, and on the weekends I don’t want to enhance our mental acuity, I want to chill out, which is precisely what indica is best for! Indica strains of cannabis have more of a full-body high, a much more powerful & concentrated dose of the feeling generated by CBD oil… Every weekend I buy three or 4 grams of a high powered indica strain, & then spend the rest of it getting high & lounging around the house. By the time the work month starts again I have smoked all our cannabis, & believe ready to tackle our job duties. As much as I care about smoking indica on the weekends, I don’t want to do it every afternoon.