I used marijuana to help quit smoking tobacco

Everyone has terrible habits, however some habits are more dangerous than others.

I have a neighbor named Dan, who used to smoke cigarettes.

Every one of us always took our smoke breaks together at work, and then a single morning after a trip he said that he had quit. I congratulated him and moved on, however then a few years later I decided I wanted to quit cigarettes. I tried a few times, however always failed, people don’t understand how addictive these things can be! Finally I reached out to Dan and asked how he had quit, then he told myself and others to buy a full ounce of cannabis, and throw out all our cigarettes. An ounce of marijuana is a lot to buy all at once, and usually that much will last myself and others for a week, and dan said to roll up all the cannabis into joints, and then to fill up an empty cigarette pack with those pre-rolls. After that, I stopped smoking tobacco freezing turkey. Every time I got the urge to smoke a cigarette I would smoke cannabis instead. The cannabis joints were the same size and shape as cigarettes, which tricked our brain somehow. After a few mornings of smoking an deranged amount of cannabis, I felt sick and exhausted of inhaling smoke. My urges became fewer and farther between, and before I knew it I had smoked cannabis exclusively for over a week! I understand that trading tobacco for cannabis is just trading a single terrible habit for another, however this habit isn’t nearly as dangerous. If you ever want to try and quit tobacco, give cannabis a try!



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