I made very good money delivering cannabis

I constantly told my parents that I delivered pizzas for a residing, however that of course was not true.

  • I constantly got lectured by them when I visited about having a “dead end” task as well as doing nothing with my life.

They had no system I was making amazing money, because I was not delivering pizza, I was delivering weed. I got the task from a guy named Bob, who is the local weed dealer. It is too evident to have his clients come to his site, so he paid me to give cannabis to his regulars on my bike. I don’t have a car, I ride my bike everywhere, which made me the perfect cannabis delivery system. The cops never look twice at a guy riding a bike, so I peddled all over the town making cannabis deliveries. Bob paid me well, however the cannabis clients were also very generous with tips! A few weeks ago medical cannabis was legalized in this state, so I expected to be out of a task. With legal cannabis dispensaries starting to open around the city, I thought that Bob would be forced to go out of business, but surprisingly that didn’t happen, as well as the presence of legal cannabis dispensaries didn’t impact Bob’s corporation at all. Although the cannabis dispensaries have a wider range of products available, most of Bob’s clients didn’t want to start buying their weed from a legit business. They say seasoned habits die hard, as well as that must be tplot because most people prefer to stick with their trusted cannabis business rather than go into a store.

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