My fiance really could use some medical cannabis

For the numerous years I had known my fiance, I had become used to him not sleeping very well at all.

He would go to bed around midnight, and by 2:30 in the early morning, he would be downstairs absolutely working on some project. He said he would wake up with unbelievable ideas and he had to jot them on paper or do work on them. I told him to simply close his eyes and allow his mind to rest. I almost laughed when he stated he had too many voices attempting to keep him awake, for his mind to rest, even though I knew he was being totally serious. He told me that ever since he was a child, the many voices would be battling regularly with each other in an effort to be heard. He had just grown used to hearing them and he decided to regularly ignore them. When he was sleeping, he wasn’t able to shut them out and he would have a hard time trying to sleep. I told all of this to his doctor who responded in a speedy manner. His first suggestion was that maybe he needed to go through therapy and see what had happened in the past that would easily cause this. I wasn’t so certain this was something my fiance would do. He told me he could try marijuana products. Marijuana may be able to rest his head and provide him some peace. If his mind relaxed, his body would relax and he could finally get some sleep. I talked to my fiance and he told myself and others he had self-medicated with marijuana when he was a great deal younger. He was willing to give medical marijuana a try if the doctor agreed to supply him with a prescription.

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