I was due for a change at home

Ever been in a single of those funks that you just aren’t quite sure how to get out of? This is a situation that I have found myself in for some years now.

  • But recently, thanks to my acquaintance dragging myself and others to the local cannabis spot, I’ve been much more hopeful, then when the kids were all gone and off to school, I was sort of adrift.

No, I wasn’t adrift as much as I was searching for my identity. I had been a mom for so long that I genuinely sort of went into this funk once the beach house was empty. I’m so glad my acquaintance wouldn’t take no for an answer when it came to the cannabis dispensary trip. She too had a fiance she enjoyed however who wasn’t around as much because of career; My acquaintance genuinely thought that using some cannabis products might just bust myself and others out of my slump and help myself and others focus. It was time for myself and others to do the stuff that I had always set aside for family responsibilities, and I totally don’t regret those choices although I just couldn’t find a gear to get going on the next chapter of my life. So my acquaintance got myself and others to the cannabis dispensary where all of us promptly bought some sativa edibles. We then went back to her location and she had us all set up out by the pool. We did yoga while the sunset after splitting a single of the marijuana edibles. It was a magic moment full of what seemed to be epiphany after epiphany. I realized right then just how much life there was to live. And I wanted to learn more about what life meant to myself and others all at the same time. Needless to say, that wasn’t the last time I was in the local cannabis spot.

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