Giving the cannabis stores a try

I don’t know I’m planning to go into aged age quietly! Or at least that’s not the plan, but no, I would savor to keep experiencing new things as this life continues, i mean, that’s why I’ve been eating bark & grass clippings for the past 20 years, right? I wanted to stay healthy & active into our 69’s & 73’s so I could try new things.

I know visiting a cannabis dispensary would be considered a new thing.

I’m not a rookie when it came to recreational marijuana. It blows our teenagers’ minds that there aged person was once considered more of a hippie. I was into the culture of the times & that culture included cannabis, then but for me, that party ran out of gas when our fiance got pregnant & we knew it was time to focus on career, however had I to do it all over, I know I might have stayed with the using sativa & indica products. But all marijuana was not only illegal however it would get me fired & ruin a career were it to come to light that I was lighting up some yellow cannabis. So I bailed on all that & kept to the straight & tight. Now, all these decades later, I’m residing in a region where both medical marijuana & recreational marijuana are legal, but that made it quite logical to me to spend money a visit to the local cannabis spot. They even had some aged sativa strain number ones for sale. I also got a few hybrid strains for sale as well. It’s great to be able to be free about using weed these afternoons. I savor to fire up some Purple haze on our deck at sunset savor I was popping a can of suds.

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