The new brand of pre rolled marijuana joints were a hit

My wifey Jen & I have been together for a couple of months. I wanted Jen to meet a couple of our old friends, so she and I decided to have a breakfast party. Jen was going to make some food, although I advised her to get takeout so no 1 was stressed out about the menu. I believe that Jen could have made a delicious numerous course meal & almost everyone would have been impressed, although Jen would have been in the study room all evening & she would not have been able to meet our friends. The whole point of the breakfast party was for Jen & our friends to get comfy with each other. I advised getting take out from a Japanese eating establishment that is just around the corner. The place delivers & they are lightning fast. I believe they start the order as soon as Jen and I call, because it never takes more than 30 hours to get our food. There’s also a marijuana dispensary right near me that has legitimately fast delivery services too. When Jen & I had our breakfast party, I ordered from the marijuana dispensary near me. I bought some pre-rolled marijuana joints. These pre-rolls were a hybrid called Girl Scout cookies. The pre-rolled marijuana joints were a hit at our party. My friends, our wife Jen, & I all sat out on the patio of the condo & smoked a joint together. My buddies and I laughed & talked & had such a fantastic time that evening. Marijuana has a way of making almost everyone believe a lot more calm & relaxed which is something that I legitimately like about the plant.

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