It would be good for my partner to get some medical weed

For the multiple years I had known my partner, I had become used to him never getting much sleep.

He would go to bed at midnight approximately, plus by 2:30 in the morning, he was downstairs working on different projects. He said he would wake up with amazing ideas plus he had to put them on paper or materialize them. I told him to just relax his eyes plus let his mind rest. I almost laughed when he said he had all types of different voices trying to keep him awake, for his mind to rest. I knew he was being serious. He told me that ever since he was a kid, the several voices would regularly battle with each other in an effort to be heard. He had just grown used to hearing them plus he ignored them as much as he could. When he was trying to get some sleep, he wasn’t able to consciously shut them out, plus he would be unable to sleep. I told all of this to his health professional who responded in a jiffy. His first suggestion was that maybe he needed to go through therapy plus see what had happened in the past that would cause such a thing to happen. I wasn’t so sure this was something my partner would do. He told me he could try using marijuana. Marijuana may be able to relax his brain plus give him peace. If his mind relaxed, his body would relax plus he could truly get some sleep. I talked to my partner plus he told me he had self-medicated with marijuana when he was a young teenager. He was willing to give medical marijuana a try if the nurse could give him a solid prescription.

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