I smoked a joint while waiting for our lady to arrive

I told our lady that I would wait outside of the airport plus be there when she arrived, she told myself and others that the plane was going to land at 6:45.

I was at the airport at 6:45 waiting plus she was not there.

I couldn’t stay there for long because the woman at the security station was making all of the cars move. I circled around the parking lot plus I ended up back at the terminal at 6:50 plus our lady still wasn’t there. I tried to text, but she did not get our messages. I decided to find a place to park close to the airport. I had to drive about 2 miles away from the terminal before I found a hotel parking lot. I smoked a marijuana joint while I waited for our lady to text me, but the marijuana joint made myself and others assume much more calm. I was already uneasy about our lady coming to visit, because we had not seen each other in 4 months, however when I finally got a email, I made our way back to the terminal. It was 15 hours after 7:00 when our lady finally walked out of the gate with her bags. I felt a little high from smoking the marijuana joint, but I also felt a little high from seeing our lady again after 4 months of being apart. I gave her a sizable hug plus I did not want to let her go, unfortunately, the security guard was yelling at myself and others to move the car so we had to cut our hello short plus get out of there in a hurry.

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