Cannabis never should have been illegal in the first place

When I was a teenager, I made some pretty terrible decisions. That I made it through high school, and graduated, without being expelled or going to jail is a miracle. For a while I had a mild drug problem, and I ran with a crew of older kids that were all nursing serious drug problems. We stole a lot of stuff, but never got into heavy criminality, just enough to buy drugs. Well finally I saw the light, I turned a corner, and I cleaned up my act. After a couple of years of living clean, and putting my life together, the universe rewarded me by opening a cannabis dispensary next door. I know “the universe” didn’t open a cannabis dispensary, I’m saying that fate brought it here, to the old strip mall next door, as a reward for my karmic realignment. The cannabis that I used to risk jail time to acquire is now readily available to me from 10am to 10pm, seven days a week. This makes sense to me, because a teenager should never have to be afraid of going to jail over something as simple as marijuana. The only reason cannabis has a bad rep is because criminalizing it made the users act like criminals. Now that cannabis dispensaries are widely available, no one needs to creep around in back alleys making shady deals to get it. The cannabis plant is a gift from the universe, to be shared and enjoyed, not demonized and punished. Now that I have said my piece, I am going next door to buy some marijuana.

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