Not exactly fresh anymore

When it comes to certain things, like canned goods or bottled water, buying bulk can be smart, and going to a sizable box store to buy the 88 pack of paper towels will save you a lot of money over buying the smaller ones at a time.

When it comes to fresh foods, but, buying bulk is consistently a huge risk.

There are all sorts of items to help you preserve food for longer, but it consistently impacts the taste. If you vacuum seal a burger and freeze it, you can keep it for weeks, however it doesn’t taste as good. The same is tploy for marijuana, I can tell you from personal experience. This was a few years back, when I was on the edge of dropping out of school and needed a little extra income, so I purchased a whole pound of marijuana. I got a good price, but it was not the top quality marijuana. Long story short, I had a hard time selling it, so I packaged up the cannabis into vacuum sealed bags and put them in the freezer because I had been told that was the best way to preserve freshness. This cannabis was not awesome to begin with, in addition to spending time in the deep freeze did not help things in the slightest. Since I couldn’t sell it, I used it as our personal stash and while I had all the marijuana I wanted for several weeks, it consistently left a bad taste in our mouth. I mean that literally in addition to figuratively.

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