Glad they had recreational weed in our honeymoon state

My husband and I got married at the height of COVID.

  • We weren’t sure where we wanted to go for our honeymoon.

Originally we were looking at places like Norway, Portugal or Ireland. With COVID, we were stuck staying within the continental United States. I actually decided to have us go to the west coast. That way we could enjoy sunshine, beaches, shopping and wine tours. I figured it would be a fun destination. Really we just wanted to sit on a beach, drink some booze and maybe shop around a bit. I found a swanky hotel with a spa and that seemed good enough. Well once we were there I realized that the location has recreational weed. We were allowed to just pop into a cannabis dispensary andg et what we wanted. It was really neat. The two of us are not big smokers. In our state with only medical weed allowed, that means it is harder to get edibles. Medical weed edibles aren’t the same either. They can’t be brightly colored or sguary. They can’t have chocolate or be a beverage. Being in a recreational weed state where we could pick up any edible we wanted made for a fun trip. My husband chose THC infused gummies while I settled on some chocolate pieces with a high CBD content. We found that the wine tours weren’t as fun as walking into different recreational cannabis dispensaries. After our honeymoon it made me sad that our state does not allow medical weed.



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