Technically our recreational pot shop is illegal

A lot of people mistakenly think my state is a recreational weed state.

My town also has two recreational weed dispensaries on the Seneca Nation Indian Reservation.

A lot of people think that means that we can legally sell weed. Well no we can’t. The reservation is technically producing and selling illegal goods. Nobody stops them though since the reservation has their own police force. The recreational weed brings too much money and business to the sea. Why would anyone stop it? I have to say it has been really nice having access to recreational weed. I don’t really want to go through all the mess to be a medical cannabis patient. I just want to smoke cannabis in order to stop my anxiety. I Don’t want to see a doctor first, fill a prescription and pay a fee. With recreational weed, you just go into the store and buy it. It is so much easier. My state just can’t get it together though. So I have no other option but to support an illegal business. It is really nice that I can get it though. I have learned to be quite grateful for it. I have cannabis oil that I can smoke everyday now and not worry about running out. I have my own vape and I carry it with me when I know I am going to need it. It comes in handy a lot. I am hopeful that someday I can support a business that isn’t on the reservation that sells legal weed.



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