Using a topical for after work out

I work out six days a week for at least an hour.

I am hardcore when it comes to fitness too.

It is not usual for me to have soreness and aches in my body. I am used to muscles feeling tight or too short. I used to rely on ice baths, heating pads and icy hot. Then I decided to go a little bit more hardcore. I have changed to now using a topical for my muscle soreness. This is technically a cannabis product. It has CBD in it and is a cream. It applies directly to the skin for relief. I feel a numbing, cooling sensation when the product hits my skin. I really like it. The smell is nice and it doesn’t have a sticky residue like most healing ointments. The best is that I can pick it up at the cannabis dispensary near me anytime I want to. The tube is quite cheap for what I get. Unlike most medical creams it lasts a really long time. I only need to buy it once every few months. I apply it directly after a workout and before bed. My muscles feel loose and relaxed. I don’t wake up with aches and pains anymore. My neck can totally turn both directions. My back doesn’t tighten and my shoulders no longer click when I rotate them. I recommend a topical to any serious fitness buff that can’t get relief from the natural aids anymore. There is no shame in using cannabis to treat your pain.
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