My brother smokes weed too now

I am so shocked, and amazed that my life is changing even as I write this.

I went to visit my brother this weekend and his wife was there too, so it was a mini family reunion.

Both of us usually only see each other on the holidays, so this was a nice little event. My brother was firing up the grill in the evening, and had an awesome platter of steaks in addition to bratwurst to cook up for us, while his wife was making a fresh kale salad with veggies from her own garden. It was so fun, so I snuck outside to smoke a little cannabis in addition to chill out. There I saw something that shocked me… my brother was standing next to the grill with a water bong in addition to a large canister of neon green marijuana. The old dude wasn’t just sneaking a little puff of a joint, he had a sweet rig in addition to enough cannabis to show me he was a drastic smoker. I was flabbergasted, I never knew that my brother smoked cannabis, in addition to now I find out he honestly smokes way more than I do! The hits just kept on coming, when I found out that all of that sweet, buttery cannabis came from his wife’s garden! I think anywhere behind all the rows of veggies in addition to flowers there were a few hidden mariuana plants. My sister in law has been growing her own marijuana for years, in addition to I had no clue. All that time I was trying to hide my cannabis use from them, they were also hiding their smoking from me.


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