Cannabis delivery is better for a single mom

A lot of things changed when COVID happened.

Most people say things changed negatively.

I feel delivery services have really improved. It used to be rare to find a place that would deliver. The fee was usually really high with it as well. So it was better to do curbside pick up or just go there. Well after COVID, everyone improved things. As a single mom I am super glad I can get things sent to me. I got birth control in the mail. I can do my banking all online. I can order food from any restaurant and even get grocery delivery. What is great is that my cannabis dispensary does delivery services now too. It used to be a pain when I needed more cannabis. I didn’t want to bring my kids with me. Anytime I was in the car though, I had at least one kid with me. I don’t want to advertise that mom smokes weed in order to sleep at night and get through her day. I vape cannabis oil since it is discrete and can hit me hard. Thankfully the delivery services are fast, cheap and discreet. I have a monthly order that comes in while the kids are in school. I can still get things done around the house and not lose time driving to the dispensary. I then get access to my weed and can hide it in my stash. I have started to try out new products since I can read the product menu and make a careful decision. There is no rush with it now.

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