I had a cannabis employee scheduling system for my laptop.

One of the hardest things I thought there was about running a supplier is employee scheduling! I had almost one hundred employees in my last business, & they were always telling me what afternoons they couldn’t work, however some of them wanted to provide me a schedule of when they could work; Other employees didn’t suppose they had to tell me if they needed a day off until the day came, however they would call off that afternoon, or ten minutes before their shift.

I could import their requests off into the employee scheduling system & turn out a schedule.

It got to the where I had to tell people that once the schedules went out; you had to show up or get penalized! When I got a cannabis employee scheduling system, I was going to use the same strategy I used for the last supplier I helped get opened. They set cannabis employee scheduling systems up to make it easier to do schedules & to make the schedules work. I knew I was going to have some glitches with the employees themselves, but I would explain how the cannabis employee scheduling system worked. If I got their requests off before I made the schedule, I would do my best to provide them that time off. If they didn’t get their requests in on time, they would need to work their schedule, find someone to work for them, or suffer the consequences. I understood emergencies could come up where I would need to find a replace. If it was a request for something they knew about for weeks, there was no reason they couldn’t let me know ahead of time.

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