The weed dispensary software kept giving me a first time discount

I adore it when you can exploit software glitches for personal benefit.

For the longest time the grocery store was letting me make delivery orders despite the size of the orders.

Usually you have to make an order of at least $35 to get a delivery from the grocery store, this is actually strenuous if you are like me and you go to the grocery store more than 2 times a week and get a lot of small orders, and i am not the type of lady that has actually superb about planning things out and getting one over a week, and so when I was able to keep getting deliveries from the grocery store under $35, I exploited that glitch as much as I possibly could… Unluckyly the glitch stopped working about a month ago and I had to just quit getting deliveries from my grocery store all together! But grocery store’s websites are not the only locales that have glitches like this, and one of my number one cannabis dispensaries used to have a similar glitch in their ordering software. They changed their software at the end of the summer. There was this feature in their dispensary software that offered first time patients 20% off one single order! Well, it kept giving me 20% off on every order for about 3 months straight. I kept exploiting the glitch in the Cannabis to sensory software for as much as I could. Sadly the cannabis dispensary fixed the glitch in their software and now you cannot get the first time patient discount unless you are an actual first time patient. It’s unlucky but I understand their position.

SOC Audit for Dispensary