My child and I went to the cannabis store together

Last month for his 21st anniversary, my oldest child and I went to the local cannabis store together.

It was kind of weird going into the cannabis store with my kid, although I got over it pretty suddenly! My buddy and I both know that the other one uses cannabis on a typical basis, but my buddy and I just never honestly talked about it in so several words before.

It was a know-how that both of us possessed, but my buddy and I just never seemed to get around to talking about it whenever my buddy and I would see each other. I don’t know why. My buddy and I both assume that cannabis is the honestly best thing for helping with anxiety because it has helped us both. My buddy and I both have bad anxiety complications, and I assume that my child truly inherited part of it from me! Anyway, my buddy and I made the decision to go to this cannabis store where you can purchase both recreational cannabis and medical cannabis, too. I told my child that he could option out anything that he wanted within reason, and I would foot the bill for all of his cannabis products instead of giving him a present; He thought that was a good idea, although I assume that I should have stuck to a gift that I could wrap, and the cannabis products that he bought turned out to cost me a small fortune. I assume that cannabis products are a lot more extravagant than I remember them being back when I was young! I ended up spending as much as I could at that unique store. Thank goodness there is a limit on how much cannabis you can buy at a time!



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