Hand cramps and hoping a topical will service it

I have been researching cannabis and what it can do for me.

I have a four month son that refuses to be put down.

He always is requiring me to carry him. To make matters worse he wants me to hold him while I nurse. I have to rest and rock him while nursing. My hands are killing me. I started having cramps in my hands due to this. I have tried icing, putting icy warm on my hands and heat. It just doesn’t work. I have done some research and there are topicals that are meant for inflammation. I want to put cannabis cream on the sore areas to get relief. Apparently the CBD reduces the inflammation and swelling of the muscle. It improves elasticity and even stinks nice. I am a bit upset since it is a cannabis product though. I read online that they don’t want you taking a cannabis product while pregnant, well I am not pregnant, but I am breastfeeding, then further research showed me that the cream has hardly any trace of THC. Also, the cream doesn’t get into the bloodstream, but stays on the surface. That seems much better to me. However, I would need to get a medical weed prescription in my state. I am curious if a doctor would prescribe me medical cannabis when I am breastfeeding my son. Would I still count as a pregnant woman since I am actively nursing? I Really don’t know what else to do for my hands. I am a bit desperate for relief.
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