A little helpful advice

Janice is someone who I hadn’t seen in a very long time.

She gave me a bit of brutal advice.

This was a woman I was very close with when all of us were in school and graduate school. So it’s a woman who knows me well plus whose opinion I trust. Back in those afternoons, all of us enjoyed a fair amount of recreational weed. Of course back then, you couldn’t just stop by the cannabis dispensary on the way back home from work. What all of us got back then was whatever all of us could get. Sometimes sativa plus occasionally indica but rarely any hybrid strains. Plus, all of us never knew just what the THC was in any of the cannabis all of us were using. My friend Janice plus I used recreational marijuana as a way to unwind plus balance out all the stress from our rigorous studies. And it particularly helped. Janice came to visit for a weekend. Before she left, she told myself and others that I appeared off center plus not balanced when it came to work plus my life. Jancie told myself and others that he was legitimately distraught about me. This caught my attention. That weekend was the first time I had used recreational marijuana in a long time. And it felt great. So, I took my buddy’s advice and dialed back the stress for a better task plus life balance. I’m also mixing in stops at the cannabis dispensary for some sativa strains that are helping myself and friends to relax plus refresh. I’m thankful my friend came to town plus I got that advice. Now, all I have to do is keep it in mind plus relax a bit more with some recreational marijuana.