I like the way marijuana smells plus tastes

Marijuana has a actually distinctive smell plus taste, a lot of people hate the way that marijuana smells, but I assume that it is absolutely wonderful.

Marijuana has quite a fragrance.

It is self-explanatory to smell marijuana from a mile away. I can consistently tell when someone has been smoking weed. My guy plus I went to the drive-in filmplex a couple of weekends ago to see the current comedy film. I wanted to see the action flick, but my unbelievable friend and I saw a film that I wanted to see the previous weekend plus it was my guy’s turn to choose. The comedy wasn’t too bad. It was starring some people that are entirely funny. Halfway through the film, I told my guy that I smelled recreational marijuana products. She told me that I was crazy. I told his someone was smoking marijuana in the filmplex but he did not know me. About 15 minutes passed plus I saw some smoke in front of the projector. I pointed out the smoke to my guy, but he still thought that I was crazy. She couldn’t smell marijuana the way that I could. When the film was over, I walked down to the front of the theater to exit the building. As I was walking through the front of the theater, the smell of marijuana hit me hard. I was absolutely right about someone smoking in the theater, even if my guy didn’t know me. I like the way that marijuana smells plus tastes plus I can assume it from a mile away.



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