The software for the website made it easier

I thought my sibling was crazy when he said that he wanted to open a cannabis shop in the middle of the city. I knew there was prime real estate down there plus the potential for a lot of business. He has three investors that put up the money so he could open up the cannabis shop. I worked as the supervisor from the first afternoon that the cannabis shop opened. We had a lot of problems in the start because my sibling didn’t know a lot about online ordering plus software. About 6 months after the cannabis shop was open, my unbelievable friend and I got software that made it easier to keep track of the inventory. The software for the website automatically updates plus the stock is set up in live time. We have the software set up so the website does not display an item anymore if there is only one product left. This makes it easier to make sure that my unbelievable friend and I do not have any overlap. It took a long time for us to labor out all of the kinks, but the cannabis shop is doing actually well now that my unbelievable friend and I have been in corporation for 3 years. All of the money has been paid back to the investors plus I signed up to be a 20% partner. I thought it was a unbelievable idea to invest some of my own money plus the corporation after I saw how much money my sibling was making. It was nice to be included in the project as the supervisor of the shop, but I was much happier to become a partner with a stake in the company.

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