The A/C wasn't working unquestionably well on Sunday

I had to toil at the marijuana dispensary on Sunday; I toil an 8 hour shift every Sunday from 9:00 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon, but sunday is the only day of the week when I have to toil a full shift, but the rest of the mornings I usually toil 6 hours.

When I got you the marijuana dispensary on Sunday morning, I observed the indoor temperatures were unquestionably hot as well as off-putting.

I said something to the manager about the indoor temperatures. She told me to turn down the control unit. It was set for 69°, but I put the control unit on 71°. I heard the cooling system come on. I thought that was a good sign until I felt hot air coming out of the HVAC duct, but my boss told me to contact the corporate office. I was already resting in the office seeing some videos. I contacted the corporate office as well as I told him that the marijuana dispensary needed a commercial A/C repair service. The corporate office didn’t want to send someone to repair the A/C unit. They wanted us to get quotes from commercial providers before they would approve any repairs. I knew it was going to be hard to get someone out here for a free estimate. I called several weird places in the area. Luckily there was a commercial business that was thrilled to come to the marijuana dispensary to lend a hand. The guy offered us an quote so my pal and I could contact the corporate office as well as get everything paid for. Later that day the supplier approved the bill as well as the next morning my pal and I had the A/C system repaired.

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